12th of May / RockHouse Kulma Kajaani - FI

13th of May / Henry's Pub Kuopio - FI

20th of May / Bar Graceville Iisalmi - FI


30th of Jan. / Henry's Pub Kuopio - FI

19th of March / Hevimesta Oulu - FI

1st of Apr. / On the Rocks Helsinki - FI

14th of May / Biker Meeting Leppävirta - FI

9th of July / Lankafest Puolanka - FI

30th July / RockCock Kuopio - FI

27th of Aug. / Tervofest Tervo - FI


2nd of May / Rock House Kulma Kajaani - FI

2nd of Oct.  /  Bar Graceville Iisalmi - FI

3rd of Oct. / Rock House Kulma Kajaani - FI

31st of Oct. / Vesileppis Rock Leppävirta - FI 


27th of July  /  Henry's Pub Kuopio - FI
6th of Sep. / Red Neck Jyväskylä - FI

As a special guest of U.D.O. Steelhammer World Tour

2nf of Oct. / Forum Palace Vilnius - LT
3rd of Oct. / Rock Cafe Tallinn - EST
4th of Oct. / Melna Piektdiena Riga - LV
5th of Oct. / Nosturi Helsinki - FI

Lazy Bonez feat. Tony Martin "Racing Heart"

Lazy Bonez did some co-operation with legendary Tony Martin. The result was a song called "RACING HEART".

We also did a music video with Mr. Ville Lipiäinen for it. It can be seen and heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AmWysSFt44 

2nd LAZY BONEZ album "ALIVE"

Finally... the waiting is over!! 2nd LAZY BONEZ album "ALIVE" will be released 25th of September 2015. YOU can pre-order it for example here:
In addition of actual LB members we are very pleased and proud to announce that the 2nd album "ALIVE" contains very interesting feat. artists - for example Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Bernie Shaw (Uriah Heep), Simon Wright (ex-AC/DC, ex-DIO), Stefan Schwarzmann (Panzer, ex-ACCEPT) and Zachary Hietala (Tarot).

New Lazy Bonez music video

New LAZY BONEZ music-video "Sweet Girl" from the forthcoming album "ALIVE" has been released.

Feel free to share with your friends & foes!


New Lazy Bonez album

We are pleased to announce that all the lead vocal recordings for the 2nd LAZY BONEZ album are finished! There's only some additional recordings left - then mixing and mastering the whole stuff.

And again we are very fortunate ones to have some world-class musicians to feat. with us.

The new album will see the daylight later this year. Will come back with the details later.

And those of you who can make it: don't forget our first gig this year in Kajaani, F-land (Rock House Kulma) - 2nd of May!Yes, LAZY BONEZ IS BACK!!